Hunting In Montana

We offer excellent hunting opportunities in Eastern Montana. Here at Harbaugh Ranch, we offer self-guided antelope and deer hunts, both archery and rifle. We allow one hunting party at a time. With this the party has use of our guest house as their hunting camp. It’s furnished as for overnight lodging. It’s set up for you to bring your own food and do your own cooking. At the time your party is hunting with us, you have exclusive hunting privileges on our ranch. There should be no one else hunting on us.


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However, we do border with BLM and State School Trust lands which are open to everyone with access to them.


In addition to deer and antelope hunting, we also are close to other hunting such as elk in the Missouri River Breaks and prairie dog and other varmint hunting.


Archery Prices
Antelope | (4 days/5 nights) | $800/person
Deer | (4 days/5 nights) | $1000/person
Combo | (5 days/6 nights) | $1250/person


Rifle Prices
Antelope | (3 days/4 nights) | $1000/person
Deer | (3 days/4 nights) | $1250/person
Combo | (5 days/6 nights) | $1500/person


Extra persons accompanying hunters but not holding hunting tags are welcome to stay at $100.00 per person per day. Youth are also welcome at $50 per person per day. Youth must be in the company of a responsible adult at all times.




Hope to see you soon!


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