Eastern Montana Sights

In 1805, Lewis & Clark described
our Big Sky Country so well...
"The country opens suddenly to extensive
& beautiful plains & meadows which appear
to be surrounded in every direction
with distance & lofty mountains."


Sand Creek Clydesdales Ranch Vacations and Wagon Trains


Beauty is just the beginning..
The Big Sky Country of Eastern Montana is very beautiful. We don’t have mountains near us but the rugged Missouri River Breaks hold a beauty all their own. Lewis and Clark traveled through the heart of our area, along the Missouri River. This is a great place to come for an exciting but relaxing vacation. While here you might see many forms of wildlife including deer, antelope, numerous birds, and much more. You will also be amazed at the unusual rock formations that Mother Nature has left for your pleasure. Marvel at the buffalo jump, the remnants of homesteads and dream about growing up going to a pioneer school. Other interesting sites in Garfield County include the Fort Peck Reservoir with all its many arms for recreation of fishing, camping and boating, as well as the excavation sites of many dinosaurs. All of this is mixed in with beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Garfield County has a wonderful museum filled with artifacts of our past. It’s a definite “must see”. Jordan, MT is our county seat. This small town offers the basics needed in our agricultural community.




Hope to see you soon!